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More Search Tips

The wildcard symbol * can be used to substitute for an individual letter in a word for example wom*n will search both women and woman. Searching film* will generate search results that include film, filming, films etc.

You can search for exact phrases by enclosing them in quotation marks. For example, "Good to Great" will only return materials that contain all those words in that order.

Combination (Advanced) searching allows you to narrow your search by combining up to three search fields with the use of AND, OR, and NOT.

Set Limits function allows you to set limits for your current search. You can limit your search by date, language, format, place, library collection and library branch.

When searching for videos, Set Limits format to audiovisual on the pull down menu.

In basic search you can limit by "begin with", "contain", "closely match", "stem from", and "sound like" for your search.

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